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EUR / USD1.3587
EUR / BGN1.9558
EUR / RUB45.1468
USD / BGN1.4395
USD / RUB33.2279
Дата добавления 27.11.2009
Категория Однодвигательные винтовые
Производитель Sukhoi
Модель Su-26
Время эксплуатации 24 часов
Двигатель M9F 435hp
Часы двигателя 24 часов
Воздушный винт MTV-9-260 wide chord propeller
Часы воздушного винта 24 часов
Авионика Lightweight avionics – VHF / Transponder / Mode C
Дополнительное оборудование Large oil cooler; Su-31 wide chord rudder and fin; Lightweight electrical system; Halon fire-suppression system; Additional 40-litre fuselage tank (easily convertible to smoke); Smoke system; 215-litre belly tank (with quick release fittings); Total fuel capacity 320 litres – (good for five hours plus); Cold air induction; Lightweight Perspex luggage box; Outstanding paintwork; Single fuel control; Cockpit water-drain; Manifold oil-drain
Дополнительная информация Restored, under supervision as a new aircraft, with the very best modifications. Only 24 hours since total restoration! This aircraft won the Gold Medal in the Freestyle sequence (the most demanding on both aircraft and pilot) of the World Aerobatic Championships in Spain 2007, despite very little practice time. There is no better performing Sukhoi anywhere! Only available to change in Owners plans. Priced at considerably less than a replica would cost. The price is without the European VAT. The aircraft is available in conjunction with Mr. Richard Goode (our UK partner).
Цена 190000.00 EUR
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